The Egg
of Columbus –
Paths to Innovation
by Dietmar Menze

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February 2015:
Are innovators essentially rebels and what is it that enables them to bring new ideas to fruition?
The first step is to define what a rebel is and identify what kind of rebel he or she is.
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August 2014:

300 children from Belarus have convalesced in Nassauer Land during the previous 22 years
Because of Belarus's geographical closeness to Chernobyl in the Ukraine and
the prevailing weather conditions at the time of the reactor disaster, it was particularly the villages and towns, such as Masyr, for example, that were initially worst affected by the atomic cloud.
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July 2014:

Innovations and finances
Start-up business entrepreneurs know how difficult it is to successfully launch innovations on the market with limited equity capital. And this despite the apparent mass of sponsors in the capital market willing to support astute concepts.
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February 2014:

Innovations spawn trends, trends spawn innovations.
The genesis of Innovation
Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Was it the trends or the innovations which kicked things off or did some other development lead to an innovation,
in which case, how did such innovation come into being? Almost all trends have a history that records their origins – they do not simply emerge out of thin air.
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December 2013:

Life straw family

September 2013:

Life straw family

Photo: Eartheasy – Canada

Innovation and Social Engagement
With regard to the realisation of economic objectives, particularly in terms of innovation, is social engagement a calculated exploitation of reputation?
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July 2013:

Die Kinder von Tschernobyl

For the future ... of the children of Chernobyl
Sometimes it is easier to be against something than to be there for the future.
Nevertheless, the two concepts are closely linked.
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May 2013:

Innovationen and Time
“To have time” is a function of being interested. “We do not have time for
innovation” means, ultimately, not to want innovation. Frequently, innovations are only called for when business is bad and, therefore, there is a race against time.
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March 2013:

Wer Ostern kennt, kann nicht verzweifeln

January 2013:


Innovations and Entrepreneurship
The history of inventions often does not correspond to the traditional,
democratic self-image of man. Furthermore, inventors are often mavericks who swim against the tide. On the other hand, most of them need their fellow men to develop and implement their innovation.
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December 2012:

Frohe Weihnachten

October 2012:

Der Apfel

Ethics and Innovation –
Do innovations have to be ethically correct?

Ethical boundaries were crossed even with the very first apple that was
sold, in turn resulting in sanctions. In a figurative sense, new products
and innovations must be thoroughly evaluated to determine whether they violate ethical.
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August 2012:


20 years helping children from Belarus
For 20 years the association "Children of Chernobyl" has given practical assistance in the form of aid shipments to Belarus and recovery holidays in Nassau country for children with illnesses as a result of the reactor accident at Chernobyl/Ukraine.
There are just 14 children aged 8-10 years in the holiday camp in Hübingen. Leukaemia and tumours are the most common pre-existing conditions of the kids. There is empirical evidence that a change of air and balanced nutrition increases the life expectancy of children significantly.
The word sustainability thus gains its true meaning and leads to understanding and friendships across borders and time.

July 2012:



April 2012:


Innovative Design – Follow your emotions
Innovative design is highly emotional and sexy, appealing to the senses involved in the decision-making process, from the initial idea right through to the purchase.
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March 2012:

Wer Ostern kennt, kann nicht verzweifeln

February 2012:

Expo 2010 Shanghai

Trade shows and innovations – Opposites
Trade shows provide opportunities for companies and brands to present
their products and services to the customers and the public and to set themselves apart from the competition. One of the questions most frequently asked by trade show visitors is: "What's new?"
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January 2012:

Innovation and Advertising
The best innovation is one that does not need advertising at all, as its unique benefit is self-explanatory due to its very nature.
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December 2011:

Frohe Weihnachten

November 2011:

7 billion people – the need for innovation and behavioral changes
The United Nations declared the 31st of October 2011 as a symbolic date in which the seven-billionth earthling was born.
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October 2011:

In the German Export Leader of Rhineland-Palatinate 2011/2012 home innovation is presented as a company that establishes verifiably successful business relationships between Germans and Russians.
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September 2011:

Boundaries of the technologies are opportunities for innovation
Even 25 years after the reactor accident at Chernobyl nuclear drama repeats itself again in Fukushima. The illusion was that nuclear power was under control. The opposite is the case.
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August 2011:

It’s said in a song: "Into the water drops a stone, very secretly and quietly although it’s so small, it draws his circle." Many circles make significant wave in the sea. After the Chernobyl nuclear disaster 25 years ago there is still a wave of helpfulness today. Thanks to many sponsors and volunteers even the club "Children of Chernobyl" from Winden invite again 14 children from Belarus for a relaxing holiday in the Nassau region which allow them to recover from the long-term consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
Picture: Visit the Federal Garden Show in Koblenz

July 2011:

Inventions alone are not enough to be successful,

a fate shared by many German inventors in particular. Many fundamental developments now form the basis of the world of media.
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April 2011:

Frohe Ostern

March 2011:

Innovation and Brand Slogan – Standard and Reality
In market slogans and hence in corporate design often an innovative standard is expressed. This standard is documented as part of the corporate identity in the company's philosophy and their actions. This causes standard and reality to be congruent, and credibility is provided in equal measure within the company as well as on the market.
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January 2011:

People need innovations – Innovations need people
In 2035 nearly every third German will be elder than 65 years. Throughout the EU every fourth citizen will be in them age. Alongside the social challenges that arise in the coexistence of generations and caring society systems, such as pensions and health insurance, economic basic conditions will also significantly change.
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December 2010:

Frohe Weihnachten

November 2010:

German-Russian exhibition of Kamtchatka
Since July 2010 the exhibition “250 years of German-Russian research on the nature of Kamchatka and the cultures of its indigenous peoples” is shown in Kamchatka.
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October 2010:

Bad Ems, the “Bath of the emperor” exhibit in Russia
Cooperation on the “Inwetex Travel Market” in St. Petersburg:
From the 13th to the 15th of October Bad Ems was showcased to the Russian public in St. Petersburg at the tradeshow “Inwetex Travel Market”.
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Leaflet Bad Ems (russian)

September 2010:
It isn't a revival it's innovation
There are a lot of revivals of valuable old brands in the market. Unfortunately many relaunches are falling stars. One of the reasons: they miss innovation.
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August 2010:

Children from Belarus "refuel" in the Nassau region
During the last visit of a delegation from the Winden association "Children of Chernobyl” to Minsk in May, Palina's mother said: "I don't want to think about the illness any more, just to concentrate on looking forward.” 
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July 2010:

The DNA of an innovation and the brand
Human beings can be identified by their DNA. Figuratively speaking, the brand of a product or service can also be identified by its DNA.
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June 2010:

Changing trains and heading in a new direction
Delegations from the "Kinder von Tschernobyl e.V." (Children from Chernobyl reg. soc.) association from Winden and the Munstermaifeld catholic congregation visited their partner organisation "Kinder in Not" (Children in Need) in Minsk, Belarus.
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May 2010:

More than 100 companies of Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland have followed the invitation of the general consul Mr. Fedor Khorokhordin, Mr. Rainer Trumm and Mr. Matthias Richter of the BVMW for a Russian German conference in Bonn at the 15th of April.
There is a high interest of small and medium sized companies in German for partnerships in Russia. That meets the demand of Russia in order to establish a stronger middle class in Russia too. It’s the ambitious target that the Russian middle class should make up 40% of the GDP and 50% of employment within the next years. That opens even opportunities for further German-Russian partnerships.
Picture: board of speakers at the conference at the generalconsulate of the Russian Federation
Impression of Russia shown at the German-Russian Dialog

April 2010:

Ostern 2010

March 2010:

Ralf and Monika Häselich as well as Sven Orthey, owners of the companies arts-unlimited, Mayen, and abc-europe, Montabaur, have been for information and networking in Moscow in March. The business trip conduces even to participation at the German-Russian Dialog at the general consulate in Bonn/Bad-Godesberg at the 15th of April. There Dietmar Menze as a participant of the podium will report about the actual situation to the 120 guests of the BVMW Bundesverband mittelständiger Wirtschaft e.V.
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Chris Harrison
Photo: Chris Harrison
Innovations and networks

Networks are more than Internet-based platforms for social or business contacts.
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February 2010:
The Labyrinth of innovations

Even when an idea has been born,
the appropriate means are required in order to bring it home.
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January 2010:

Innovations of the New Decade
Changes in general conditions offer opportunities for success

Companies are effective if they set themselves the right goals and if they are able to adapt to the changed general conditions! Particularly in recent times, general conditions have undergone changes of gigantic proportions at tremendous speed.
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December 2009:

Weihnachten 2009

November 2009:

One year after Lehman: in Moscow

A review investigating the effects of the credit crisis and an examination of the situation in Moscow shows that one year after Lehman there are opportunities in Moscow. This appears especially true for those companies which are well organized und willing to invest in networking and markets.
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October 2009:
Since the foundation of home innovation we are sponsoring kids in Africa. Meanwhile one child finished her education and has found a job in services. Therefore a new sponsorship with Eveline Achieng had been agreed. The support will help the family as well as a local project.

September 2009:


Speed is our passion.
Speed needs courage, discipline, experience and skills even in business.

August 2009:

Securing pole position for the restart of the Russian recovery
Many brands are now investing in the Russian market

For Ferrero, the crisis in Russia appears to be over – and that is not the only place where the business is returning to growth. When the Russian factory goes online in October, the management here in Germany will also breathe a sigh of relief: “Capacity is being used.”

Unilever has begun construction of an ice cream factory in the Tula region of Russia. The group intends to invest a total of US$140 m at the 60,000 m² site by 2014.

Beverage and snack group PepsiCo Inc. aims to invest a billion US dollars in Russia over the next three years. A few days ago, CEO Indra Nooyi opened a new bottling plant in Domodedovo near Moscow.

The planned market entry of WalMart is intensifying competition. In June, after eleven years of abstinence from the market, Carrefour opened an 8,000 m² store in Moscow’s “Filion” shopping centre. Two more stores are set to follow this year.

Like Carrefour, REWE not only intends to grow under its own steam. Regardless of the negotiations with Matra, REWE aims to open 20 new stores.

Sources: Lebensmittelzeitung (food magazine)

July 2009:


Kinder aus Tschernobyl

“Kids of Chernobyl” are spending holidays in Nassau

Since years sustainable help for kids from the radioactive contaminated South of Belarus is done by a group of voluntary women and men from the region of Nassau. It is empirical proven that food rich on vitamins and activities with fun at fresh air will extend lives. Even this year the kids of Chernobyl were invited for cannoning at the river Lahn.

June 2009:


The first LEICA mono-label store opened in Moscow at the 26th of May.

The owner is a great LEICA enthusiast who has discovered the power of photography in the Himalayas. Since the very first beginning of the project home-innovation with Dietmar Menze is the bridge between the LEICA headquarter in Germany and founders of LEICA representative in Russia.

The new LEICA shop will be a hot-spot for professional as well as for passionate private photographers and other LEICA dealers.

The investment shows believe in the revitalisation of the Russian economy and strong relationships even on challenging times are foundation of future growths.

May 2009:

Understanding innovations as opportunities in the crisis and taking action

Within the framework of the first German Non-food Congress staged by the “Lebensmittelzeitung” and the Conference Group, the speakers pointed to some ways out of the crisis. But as explained by Dr. Diane Roberts from Price Water House Coopers, although innovations are understood as an opportunity, there is still a major gap between knowledge and action.

Accordingly, a survey by the Institute of Trade & International Marketing at the University of Saarland in co-operation with PWC came to the conclusion that more than 75% of companies surveyed regard innovative strength as important but only 32% of manufacturers and 20% of dealers actually have an innovation management system in place.

But this desire for innovation can often only be followed by action when this is supported by corporate management and innovations are reflected in the corporate principles and strategies. This connection and commitment to innovation were only recently illustrated by Dr. Franz-Josef Konert, Managing Director of Melitta Haushaltsgeräte GmbH & Co. KG, in internal communication on Melitta online.

April 2009:

Home innovation has got an invitation of the consulate general of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Bonn to come together with representatives of the industries, chambers of commerce and institutes of business development from Germany and Russia for a “German–Russian Dialog” at Friday, the 27th of March.

Professionals see high potential for intensification of the economic relationship:
The German-Russian cooperation arise starched from the crises
Even in 2009 further cooperation are planed
General consul supports crisis management by a platform of dialog for exchange of views, ideas and discussion of strategies

March 2009:

Chicago/USA: Dalla Piazza & Co. Switzerland introduces an innovative mandolin on the International Home and Housewares show in March 22-24. The safety grater and slicer enable to create various foods. It protects the user to be injured. The design is done for the American market in New York. The invention of D. Menze from Germany is patented in the US.
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February 2009:

A paradise for brands

In spite of the financial crisis the Russian market is offering great opportunities:
Tassilo Zimmermann, NONFOOD trends, Lebensmittelzeitung 1/2009

January 2009:

closed a contract of a partnership in Russia

Alexander Beriozkin will lead the launch of LEICA Camera AG by ART BAZAR in Russia:
“We are proud to be the exclusive Partner of LEICA in Russia for cameras and we will open a first mono-label store in Moscow very soon."

Cyril Thomas, Director brand & business development, LEICA Camera AG:
“The strategy and plan developed by home innovation for the re-orientation of LEICA Camera AG in Russia has inspired us and it shows the path which we intend to follow with its partner, ART BAZAR.”

December 2008:

Since years home-innovation supports children in Africa

All sponsorships support partly the child, the family and a community project.
home-innovation recommends the support of World Vision.
Etagegn from Ethiopia is the first sponsored child of home-innovation since 2002. She has completed the 10th class now and is looking for a job.
Her family has got access to credit by world vision.
Gemza Area development program has been made much effort in the prevention HIV/AIDS.
Ojwang Paul from Kenya is a sponsored boy since 2003. He goes to the primary school. At home he cares about the animals. He and his family get help regarding education, health and nutrition costs and revolving loans. The project of Lambwe and central is supporting the construction of ten classrooms for pre-school children.
After the boy Umaru got lost Nelson from Tanzania is sponsored by home-innovation since 2005. He enjoys singing and playing football. His family benefited from blankets, soap, mosquito nets and seminar for malaria. The projects in King’Ori have been installed 6 watertanks and protected 2 water sources. For example one group has been formed by a woman who was formally a mutilator. Now they make necklaces, bracelets and belts.
home innovation
people create markets.